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March is here, the sun is out (somewhere), and bodies of water across the land are getting ready to witness everything (we mean everything) that goes on during Spring Break! Here are a few tips from Cowbucker to make sure your Spring Break doesn't suck, even for a second:

Sex on the Beach

Yep, we’re jumping right in with a question that many will ask themselves from sandy shores across the continent: When is it a good time to have sex on the beach?  This handy list will help you decide if sex on the beach is right for you:

Does it come in a glass?  

Is there a fun-colored umbrella? 

Maybe a few ice cubes?  

Ombre effect from the layering of tropical fruit juices? 

Will sand get into places that rarely see sunshine?  

In case we weren’t clear enough:

Seriously.  Just don’t.  No, a towel or blanket won’t help.


Who has time or the inclination to put sunblock on before heading out for a day of Spring Break shenanigans?  Guess who’ll have time?  This guy, when he’s stuck inside on day two because of third degree burns:

Don’t be this guy. Have your buddy’s back, literally and figuratively, lather up the SPF, and wear something to keep the sun off your face.  We know this kick-ass hat with 360-degree sun protection, or check out this list of sunscreens from the EWG that’ll keep you outside all day but won’t hurt the water you're swimming in.


At Cowbucker we believe sun, friends, and beer can be three key ingredients for an awesome time (and epic stories).  Here’s a story you won’t want to tell:  Spending a few days in a random hospital with heatstroke, connected to bags of saline while your friends are by the pool.  

Everyone talks about the one-for-one rule, but there are lots of ways to show your kidneys a great Spring Break too! The Greatist has tips for Staying Hydrated While Boozing, and if you’re looking to keep the electrolytes flowing, here’s a recipe for Gatorade Jello Shots from FWx! 


We’re just gonna leave this here.  Please post all videos to @cowbucker on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter & Facebook.  Bonus points for all Humpty Dances with Buckers.

Spring Break on Campus

Staying on campus?  We know you don’t need our help to have a good time, but here’s a few suggestions to break up the week.  Find a project going on near you, and don't forget to call your mother!

Boys & Girls Club of America

Habitat for Humanity

Volunteer Match