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We don’t think it’s a coincidence that “sexy back” and “fanny pack” rhyme. Since fanny packs made their debut on the fashion and lifestyle scene in the 1980s, the belt and bag combo has been through a variety of stages. From the color-block neon stage of the 80s, to the dorky tourist stage of the 90s, to the high-fashion music festival-goer stage of the 2000s, the fanny pack has seen it all.



The neon fanny pack was one of the most iconic, yet practical trends during the 80s decade. Before they were a surefire indicator of a tourist, fanny packs were an emblem of style. We mean, where else would people keep their spare change for payphones? A variety of patterns and colors inspired as many lovers and haters, but one thing is for sure, the fanny pack changed the accessory game.


Ahhh, the 90’s, where overalls and neon windbreakers became the new practical fashion trend. Later in the decade, the fanny pack became exiled into the “tacky tourist” category, with its typical supporters being less concerned with style and more so about where they left their passports, plane tickets, and Disneyland passes.




The later 2000’s brought the perfect blend of fashion and practicality for the fanny pack. Some credit American Apparel and others 90s-influenced outfitters for bringing the bag back to popularity. Whether it was a designer dud being previewed for the first time on a runway, on the waist of a celebrity at a music festival, or even your grandparents when they went to explore Europe last summer… the fanny pack has become embraced by people far and wide.




This made us wonder… why hasn’t there been a fanny designed with the adventure lover in mind? The fanny pack is light weight, provides tons of storage, and only takes a little bit of confidence to make it the next conversation piece. So, we pulled apart zillons of different fanny packs and got to work. From waterproof nylon material, to a handy bottle opener, pockets designed specifically for your adventure in mind and a sturdy, adjustable strap, we think we may have just crafted your next trust companion. If your weekend brings you to a tailgate, a hike, a trip down the river, cross country skiing or a brew cycle, know that The Fan has got you covered.


After all, if the sexiest man alive rocks a fanny pack, that must mean something, right?!



So go on, get out there to your next adventure, and make sure to not forget the next generation of fanny packing: The Fan.