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Hats Off to the Butte!


Find yourself sitting around watching the latest Netflix original while you wonder when you’re going to get up the energy to get the remote to answer the “are you still watching?” pop-up? Okay, maybe Netflix isn’t you’re jam so you’ve just permanently locked yourself in the library? I suppose it’s even possible you’re just sitting at your computer screen researching when Oregon’s weather is supposed to finally warm up?

All possibilities of what you’ve probably done in the past week, but have you been trying to get out on your feet and not be a bum for once? Even if you answer is no, listen up.

Just a short 15-minute drive from the University of Oregon, hidden in the dense woods of South Eugene is the gem of Lane County, Spencer Butte trail. It isn’t just another walk in the woods, it’s ones of those hikes that adds quality of life and adventure to people in the area. Measured as a short 2.2 mile loop, this hike is a must-do experience whether you are a student, resident or simply passing through. This hike has topped many Eugene must-do lists and is an experience that should be had by those of you who are debating how many more episodes you can binge on Netflix before you are actually mobile for the day.

Cowbucker: Kick-Ass Hats. Better Adventures. Wild Dad Hats

Just recently, the Cowbucker team hosted better adventures with the Psi Alpha sorority chapter of Chi Omega from the University of Oregon. With an 11:00 Saturday morning start, dragging these girls out of bed wasn’t as hard as anticipated. Though cold and foggy, the Butte revealed its unrivaled beauty to the Cowbucker team and sorority women that came out. In just about an hour, with a few unscheduled photo stops and other moments to catch our breath we made it to the top.

Cowbucker: Kick-Ass Hats. Better Adventures. Wild Dad Hats

With the summit of the Butte, though our view was blocked by that overhanging fog, it didn’t make it less amazing. Even with having done this hike multiple times, each time has brought a new adventure and memory--better ones than anything you could’ve gotten from sitting on the couch at home, I promise you that!

Cowbucker: Kick-Ass Hats. Better Adventures. Wild Dad Hats

Full of laughs and goofy moments with the women of Chi Omega, they worked the camera for the Cowbucker team and made the morning a fun filled one. Maybe our adventure is worthy of its own Netflix series?

Okay, I know what you’re probably thinking. You’re right, wouldn’t be the most riveting series but has the thought of a hike at least made you want to get up from reading this screen and go adventure like we did? If yes, then what are you waiting for? If no, well, start reading this over again and reevaluate your decision to be a sack of potatoes for the day. “Mallow Out” with your favorite Cowbucker hat and make your way out and about to do something adventurous today, I promise you won’t regret it.