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As fans we live for nail biting seconds with game winning shots, and appreciate a basketball dynasty when we see one. With March Madness quickly approaching, we have started strategizing our brackets, which led us to wonder - which teams are truly "the best" in college basketball history?

1938-1939 Oregon

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Nicknamed the Tall Firs for their vertically advantaged roster, Oregon used their height to win 16 of their 18 Pacific Coast Conference games. Their season landed them in cities like Chicago, New York City, and Philadelphia that gave them traveling experience before heading into the first NCAA tournament. At a time where there was no shot clock or three-point shot, Oregon beat out Ohio State 46-33 to win the first ever NCAA championship.

1971-1972 UCLA

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At the head of this astronomical season is our guy, Bill Walton. Our favorite tie-dye wearing broadcaster led the team to a 30-0 season. This team was a part of the famous UCLA 88 game winning streak. Yeah, the Bruins were unstoppable. They ended the season beating florida state in the final with a score of 81-76, and adding their sixth of seven consecutive championship titles.

1975-1976 Indiana

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After missing a chance at the NCAA title the year before due to injuries, Indiana started the season with eyes on the prize. Often referred to as the best single-season team in college basketball history, the 75-76 Hoosiers dominated with a 32-0 season. They maintained this momentum to dominate through post season play, beating rival Michigan 86-68. Today, they remain the last undefeated team in regular season to go on to win the national championship.

1991-92 Duke

duke basketball, cowbucker, duke basketball

Following up their championship title from the season before, the Duke’s 91-92 season did not disappoint. Led by an all-star lineup of Bobby Hurley, Grant Hill, Thomas Hill, Cherokee Parks and Christian Laettner, the Blue Devils won the first back to back championship in almost 20 years. This is also the season where Duke propelled past the elite eight with Laettner’s notorious shot. With only 2.1 seconds left, Hill threw an almost full court pass to Laettner who finished it off with a turnaround shot to win the game. Now, that’s the stuff dreams are really made of.
With March Madness 2017 about to begin, we wonder which teams in our bracket will write their own epic tales in the history books. And to that, we say cheers to the last-second shots, savage blocks, and underdog-winning shocks to come.  
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Already know who you’re rooting for during the the big dance? We’ve got you covered.