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Made in Eugene


When two innovative companies come together to better serve their growing customer base, everyone wins! Pacific Headwear is proud to announce their collaboration with another local headwear company, Cowbucker. Both companies hail from Eugene, OR and are imbued with a Pacific Northwest dedication to scrappiness, hard-work, and delivering quality products. With a shared willingness to do whatever it takes for our customers, we are excited to deliver fresh options with the same commitment to excellence our customers have come to expect from Pacific Headwear.  

During the summer of 1998, Don DeZarn set out to build Pacific Headwear into a leader within the team-headwear industry. Armed with unmatched hustle, Don began to catalog inventory and book his first deals. By the end of the year, Don had hired his first two employees, leased a 12-head embroidery machine, and set up shop in an old diaper factory. Yes, diaper factory. At first, one may believe this warehouse was previously a place where diapers were manufactured and shipped off to parents across the country to be the barrier to baby waste product and the rest of the world. Reasonable assumption, but incorrect. This was the type of diaper factory that actually cleaned and returned reusable diapers to parents who choose not to launder the diapers themselves.

Pacific Headwear

With rapid growth Pacific Headwear has outgrown a number of facilities through their 20 years and currently reside in Coburg, Oregon (with an east coast facility in Virginia). They employ over 200 people who remain dedicated to the same principles Don has emphasized for the last 20 years: Quality, Speed, Reliability, and Outstanding Customer Service.

In 2018, Don and the Pacific Headwear team recognized new needs in their expanding customer base, and began exploring ways to deliver fresh styles and designs with the same foundational dedication to excellence. Luckily, they didn’t have to look very far... 

Since 2014, Cowbucker has been dedicated to delivering innovative, high-quality headwear inspired by their own adventures in the Pacific Northwest. Founded by three friends from the University of Oregon, Cowbucker began with a simple question - what if there was a cap that allowed the head to breathe like a trucker hat, but prevented the “redneck effect” with a full brim for 360-degree shade? Was such an amazing piece of outdoor gear even possible? After several cardboard prototypes (and recycling bins filled with craft materials and beer cans), the friends launched their first product in fall 2014. They called it The Bucker, and it was the world’s first-ever cowboy-trucker hat combination. They sold thousands. 

Cowbucker Team

After hijacking the rent-free top floor of the Eugene Chamber of Commerce for several months after graduation, Cowbucker moved into their first retail space in the summer of 2015. Four years after they sold their first hat, Cowbucker has expanded their product line to include dozens of cap styles and fresh designs that are sold online and in retailers around the world. 

Beyond bootstrapped roots in Eugene, Oregon, Pacific Headwear and Cowbucker both value supporting the adventurer in all of us. These two companies are now coming together to build on their connected history for the future, and better serve their valued customers.

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