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Being from Oregon, Cowbucker knows rain. We know wind. We know cold weather. But, we also know adventure! When we see gloomy weather in the forecast, we dust off our winter gear with pride, because who has time to waste indoors? While some may allow the rain to hinder their plans, we look forward to it. Getting a little wet is just part of the fun, a lasting reminder of a day well spent.

So layer up and get outside! 

Here are our suggestions for what to do when it pours in the PNW:

Go on a Run

There’s something about running in the rain that makes you feel like a superhero straight out of an action movie. Some real badass stuff. Turn up the inspirational tunes and go. Kanye anyone? Check out the Riverbank trails in Eugene to run along the Willamette River, and make sure to take one of our favorite detours and run past Autzen stadium.

Take a Hike

The outdoors has a whole new aesthetic when it’s raining that you need to see for yourself. There’s truly nothing more calming than taking in the sights and sounds of the Pacific Northwest in the rain. Angels Rest in the Columbia River Gorge is a must to be conquered. Just be careful once you get the top where it gets a little rocky. 

Dig in at Some Food Carts

Take advantage of the local and unique food carts in the area and explore the city while you munch on the best gyro you have ever had. Cartlandia in Portland has a wide variety of food options and plenty of outdoor seating. Beer Garden in Eugene has a taproom with an extensive list of beers, wines, and ciders to pair with your food. How will you pick just one?

Go to a Football Game!

Few rain drops in your red solo cup? That’s just a little extra hydration. Throw some hot dogs on the barbeque and set up a game of corn hole at your tailgate. Then scream your lungs out under the stadium lights as you witness that winning touchdown. 

Adventure doesn’t have to stop just because of a little precipitation. So next time you’re thinking about staying inside and binge watching an entire season of Game of Thrones, just remember experiences aren’t going to make themselves. As we head into our rainiest months, Cowbucker challenges you to embrace the outdoors and seize the day.

Take the time to experience the world without hesitation, and make sure to keep us updated with your travels along the way. Don’t forget to throw on your Reign hat to soak up whatever weather the PNW has to offer. Adventure awaits!