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Saint Patrick’s Day is TOMORROW! While the Irish themed holiday can be celebrated in many ways, here is a checklist of things we believe you should do, wear or drink to get the most out of our favorite Spring drinking holiday:



  1. 1)  Chase a rainbow to the other side: You may or may not find a pot of gold once you get there, but the worst case scenario is that you go on a nice, long hike only to find a mad leprechaun getting stingy with his bowl of Lucky Charms. Wouldn’t that really be the story of a lifetime anyway?
  2. 2)  Get your kilt on: If you have a bold fashion style and like to dress up for St. Patty’s Day, kilts may be for you. They are a versatile, comfortable and fashionable pant (not skirt), and--the best part is--they are traditionally worn with nothing underneath!
  3. 3)  Drink an Irish beer: Guinness is a delicious beverage and Ireland’s most famous beer.  While no St. Patty’s day can be complete without drinking one, check out some of lesser known Irish beers that can wet your whistle too!
  4. 4)  Find a shamrock: They’re good luck. Who doesn’t good want luck?
  5. 5)  Wear green: Based on an Irish myth, green makes you invisible to people-pinching leprechauns. In reality, if you don’t, you get the **** pinched out of you by all your friends and then you’re THAT guy. Don’t be THAT guy, wear green. Plus, then you can...
  6. 6)  Pinch someone not wearing green: What’s more fun than giving your friend who can get into the proper spirit for a drinking holiday small, sharp pains all day?
  7. 7)  Wear The Paddy McPlaid: It obviously is very photogenic with a Guinness, it goes great with a kilt, and you’re covered on wearing green. It covers half our list without even trying!


  1. 1)  Try talking in a fake Irish accent: You probably can’t do it very well, and if you run into a real Irish person you may likely…
  2. 2)  Get into an angry Irish barfight: Fighting is not cool. Mean Irish stereotypes aren’t cool. And getting thrown out of the bar makes it kind of hard to order your Guinness and Bailey's.
  3. 3)  Have a bad time: St. Patrick’s Day is one of our favorite holidays and should be enjoyed by all. Celebrate the Irish spirit responsibly, and remember to have a good time!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!