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      Updates — Cowbucker

      Better Adventures: Glamping

      Better Adventures: Glamping

      Better Adventures through Glamping


      Love the outdoors but also value comfort? Enter glamping. Glamping is for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to be a more glamorous, more comfortable and an all around happier camper (ha). It can best be described as gear designed for a camping experience that prioritizes comfort over strictly survivalist function. Camping in general is a lot easier when you have a Bucker on your head, but if you are someone trying to experience the outdoors but pretty much throw all the rules out the window, this list is for you.

      Cowbucker: Kick-Ass Hats. Better Adventures.

      (pc: The man with a view @ahenry2352)

      Coleman Queen Airbed Cot

      A common complaint of camping is the lack of a good night’s sleep. However, with The Coleman Queen Airbed Cot, you can kiss sleeping on the bottom of a tent goodnight. You won’t need your Bucker to cover up any bed head after sleeping on this bad boy, although you’ll probably still want to wear it. Rather than an air mattress on the ground, this bed provides an elevated sleeping position with even extra room for storage underneath. Not to mention it is a pretty good bang for your buck being priced at only $149.99.  

        Coleman Xtreme 100qt Cooler

        Another slight drawback of a typical camping experience? Lack of storage for good, quality food and drink. The Coleman Xtreme Cooler is a great option for fitting any luxury camping provisions, including all the beer you plan on bringing. Totaling in at significantly less than what the Yeti equivalent costs, it is a great option for keeping food fresh for up to five days and stores 160 cans.

          Camp Chef Everest 2-Burner Camp Stove 

          Protein bars can only last you so long, but luckily this Camp Chef Everest 2-Burner Camp Stove can provide a taste of real food while you are still roughin’ it in the woods. The dual burners are optimal for multitasking, and with each one kicking out 20,000 British thermal units, this stove is sure to get the job done quickly. Weighing in at roughly 12 lbs., this portable burner competes fiercely with granolas bars and bananas.

            Visual Apex Projector Screen 120” 4K Portable Projector Screen

            After all this is glamping, so you do not need to justify every purchase.  We can find no immediate need for this next item, except for pure luxury. The Visual Apex Projector Screen provides everything you need to use it, including screen material, frame, carry bag and stakes. Easy to assemble and great for watching movies or football games during the day or night, this projector just became a glamping necessity.

              Intex Ultra Daybed Inflatable Lounge 

              Ditch the plastic folding chairs or hammocks and opt for this Intex Ultra Daybed Inflatable Lounge instead. Roughly about 75 in. x 20 in., this sofa is great for stargazing and lounging in the sun. Fits five people comfortably and is the perfect glamping addition. Grab your Bucker for sun protection and settle in for a nice midday snooze.

              Cowbucker: Kick-Ass Hats. Better Adventures.

              (pc: Master paddler and PNW adventurer @eric.t.ringer)
                Whether you are thinking of adding a few items to your current glamping list or are curating one for the first time, be sure to keep these luxury products in mind for your next adventure. And while portable projectors and queen-sized cots are nice, we all know the best glamping accessory in the game is a Bucker. And if all else fails, you can always tie your mom’s spare couch onto the back of the truck!
                Cowbucker: Kick-Ass Hats. Better Adventures.
                (pc: True patriot and "couch surfing" pioneer @lee.duda)