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      Updates — store news

      Endless Summer

      Howdy Cowbucker Peeps!

      Another great summer in the Pacific Northwest in the books! It’s been hot out here in Eugene, but that’s really just another great excuse for more perfect weekends floating the river, fishing, and camping. 

      It’s been ONE YEAR since many of you helped Kickstart our company, and we wanted to shoot y’all a quick email to let you in on some of the cool stuff we’ve got going on at Cowbucker right now!

      Cowbucker Pop-Up Store - Eugene, Oregon

      4th of July

      Summer 2016 was the hottest summer on record (globally and at Cowbucker) since we started slanging hats in Fall 2014. Both our July 4th and Olympic USA campaigns this summer were wildly successful, resulting in sold out USA hats (in all three of our new styles) in stores all around the United States. It’s becoming clear that people LOVE our USA Buckers. Makes sense...our country is pretty sweet.

      New Partners (like 21st Amendment!)

      Custom hats have also been in high demand this summer. We’ve been partnering with new breweries, little leagues, and fun businesses all over the United States to create unique merchandise for all sorts of outdoor occasions. One of our newest partners is the world famous 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco, California who hired Cowbucker to design and create a SWEET hat to help promote the release of their newest beer—The El Sully Lager. We like beer!

      New Teams

      This Fall, Cowbucker is launching hats at a grip of new schools. Below, you can see the list of our new college partners that we’ll be shipping product for over the next month.  

      Check out the list, take a gander at the website, and let us know what else you want to see!

      New State Designs

      Cowbucker has also added a bunch of new “state inspired” designs for Fall 2016 release. (Ohio, we heard you!)  Tell us why your state is the BEST EVER (like everyone in Ohio did, seriously we learned so much) and you could be next!


      Final Fun Thoughts!

      Cowbucker has a whole bunch of awesome stuff planned for the next few months—including brand new products, brand new styles, and brand new partners (what’s up, Canadian Football League?!).

      We are especially stoked on the new Cowbucker Boon, our take on the ever-popular Boonie Hat. It’s rolling out at several schools this year so take a look and let us know what you think!

      Thanks, and Buck Up!


      Whitney, Chris, Derek (Your Cowbucker Co-Founders)

      Cowbucker's taking it to the Street... Faire!

      Cowbucker's taking it to the Street... Faire!



      We'll be hanging out THIS WEEK Wednesday - Saturday at the ASUO Street Faire on the University of Oregon campus!!  UO is where we started our company, and we can't wait to get home. (Only 11 blocks from our home now, but still, there's nothing like a day in the shade of a giant Norway Maple.)

      We'll have Student Discounts on everything, Cowbucker swag all-day, and raffles EVERY DAY to win the ENTIRE 2016 Oregon Ducks Fall line from Cowbucker - New Bucker designs AND New Products coming August 1!

      So, grab a Fry bread or a Cheesesteak and stop on by!  Bring us some too! 


      ASUO Street Faire - Cowbucker Spot #25 - We're parking in front of Fenton Hall and we aren't leaving until they make us.


      Wednesday, May 4: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

      Thursday, May 5: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

      Friday, May 6: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

      Saturday, May 7: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am*

      *Willamette Valley Music Festival Bonus Day! 18 live acts, fire dances, aerial gymnasts and much much more!!

      Welcome to Downtown Eugene - Cowbucker is growing!

      Welcome to Downtown Eugene - Cowbucker is growing!

      We are excited to share that America's new favorite hat store is growing! Cowbucker wants to thank Ed Russo and The Register Guard for welcoming us to our new brick-and-mortar store in Downtown Eugene.

      Derek Cowbucker

      Come on in to see the new Cowbucker Store!

      If you are in our neck of the woods, please be sure to drop in at:

      222 E. 11th Avenue
      Eugene, Oregon

      Our 200-sf store packs a surprisingly big wallop! Peruse our walls filled with Buckers, from the Classic and Blackouts to the new Fivers (five-panel hats) and Buckaroos (Buckers for kids).  

      Why is the Cowbucker America's new favorite sports hat?

      All our headgear is made with an EVA foam brim and foam front panel. Field tested for sun, drizzles and downpour … it is the ideal sports hat for all weather! The Cowbucker even floats in water, so it’s the ULTIMATE hat for your next pool party, river rafting, or ocean sailing. It will keep the rain off your face and the sun off your neck . And with a nylon drawstring, it’ll stay in place during ALL SORTS of shenanigans.

       The youthful designs are practical, sporty and fun, perfect for high-energy sports in and out of the water. Seen on rock climbers, disc golfers, bikers and more from North Cascades of Washington all the way to the Catskills of New York, or on the flip-flop clad beach-goes on the sunny beaches of Corona Del Mar, California, to Clearwater Beach, Florida, the Cowbucker is carving its way into the hearts and minds of American's most passionate outdoorsmen and women.

      Join the Cowbucker revolution, get your Bucker today. 

      Read the Register Guard Full Article: Young Eugene hat-making company to open downtown store Thursday