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Ahh, there is nothing like a fall Saturday at the stadium. The smell of fresh rain, the chill in the air and the resounding sound of college football fans making the walk to the stadium. It doesn’t get much better than that.

For many, the next two weekends are your LAST CHANCE this year to go to a home game, and as loyal football fans we have had years to perfect the gameday craft. So, we feel pretty confident imparting our wisdom to football fans all over. Wherever you're cheering on your team, we’ve got you. What are some ways you, as a #Bucker, can get the most out of these last gamedays of the season?

This is what we got for ya:

Tailgate Early, Tailgate Often

The key to a successful gameday starts at the tailgate, obviously.

Make Friends

On gameday, we all have tens of thousands of friends. Make them your best friends.

Do A Lap

Your tailgate is clearly awesome, but grab a can (or two) for the road and check out what other people have going on!


You are here for football! Might as well catch as much of the game as possible.

Halftime Tailgate

This is crucial.  You need enough energy to get you through the second half.  Make sure you listen to the coach on the big screen, though, and get back in time for the third quarter!

Post Game

If you follow these commandments for pre, during, and post gameday tactics, you will have a successful, kickass game day guaranteed! Make sure to #BuckUp, and as always from Cowbucker, Go Ducks!