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cowbucker usa teddy brosevelt bucker
Remember July 4th last year? The pool parties, the backyard barbeques, the firework shenanigans down by the river?
It’s that time of year again, fellow countrymen & women. Summer is back, and it’s time for another celebration of our Star Spankin’ Country.
To mark another celebration of our country’s independence from those damn redcoats a few hundred years back, we dug up the most American guy we could find and followed him around for a day to see if Cowbucker’s newest USA Line was up to the challenge.
Everybody, meet Johnny, the Most American Man in America. This is one hammer-swinging, gun-shooting, ski-bombing son of an Uncle Sam you’ve got to see to believe.


cowbucker usa teddy brosevelt boonie
See the handsome mug? The burly beard? The Teddy Brosevelt Boonie Hat? Fish fear this man, and Johnny knows it. That's why we hit the river at the crack of dawn. By 6:30 am we had enough trout to get us through winter.

cowbucker usa dream team bucker

Family fed for the next six months, Johnny turned his attention to the livestock (like any “Most American Man” does). The Dream Team Bucker kept the hay out of his eyes (and a tingly feeling in our pants-area) while we watched him single-handedly feed and water a farm’s worth of horses, pigs, and cows.

cowbucker usa old glory denim boonie

Once the chores were done, Johnny headed for some purple mountain majesties and gnarly pow pow, shredding gnar like a bearded Bode Miller in the Old Glory Denim Boonie. It is a day that onlookers (and ski patrol) will probably never forget.

cowbucker usa teddy brosevelt trucker

Being the Most American Man in America takes a lot of (target) practice. Grapefruit at 1000 yds? COME AT ME, Teddy Brosevelt.  

cowbucker usa denim dream team dad hat

After blowing stuff up, Johnny felt like putting up some walls, so he framed this house. In an afternoon. Can your Dad do that? Didn't think so.

cowbucker usa dream team boonie hat

Johnny rounded off the afternoon with 18 holes where he shot a 68, caught a falling nest of baby robins in his bare hands, AND went beer for beer with the guys back at the clubhouse. Dream Team indeed!

usa old glory denim bucker

At home in his natural element, the Most American Man in America reflects on a day well spent. If Johnny taught us one thing, it’s that the most American Man in America knows how to make hay when the sun shines, be it literal hay or HEEEEEYYYYY! Bottoms up, Americanos!

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