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Hats Off to the Butte

Posted by Audrey Marlatt |

Hats Off to the Butte!   Find yourself sitting around watching the latest Netflix original while you wonder when you’re going to get up the energy to get the remote to answer the “are you still watching?” pop-up? Okay, maybe Netflix isn’t you’re jam so you’ve just permanently locked yourself in the library? I suppose it’s even possible you’re just sitting at your computer screen researching when Oregon’s weather is supposed to finally warm up? All possibilities of what you’ve probably done in the past week, but have you been...

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Better Adventures: Glamping

Posted by Riley Burns |

Better Adventures through Glamping   Love the outdoors but also value comfort? Enter glamping. Glamping is for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to be a more glamorous, more comfortable and an all around happier camper (ha). It can best be described as gear designed for a camping experience that prioritizes comfort over strictly survivalist function. Camping in general is a lot easier when you have a Bucker on your head, but if you are someone trying to experience the outdoors but pretty much throw all the rules out the window,...

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Hat maker appeals to outdoorsy types

Posted by Whitney Alexander |

Cowbucker, the Eugene hat company founded in 2014 by three University of Oregon MBA students, recently launched another line of hats.

In November, Cowbucker introduced Wild Line, six paneled all-cotton­ caps embroidered with outdoors-inspired logos, such as “ ’Mallow Out,” with an image of a roasted marshmallow, or “Paddle On,” with a kayak paddle.

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Better Adventures, Better Beer

Posted by Nicole Stever |

Better Adventures, Better Beer Hailing from the evergreen Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by cool temperatures and copious amounts of rain. However, stormy skies are not the only thing we have on tap. Rain makes things grow, meaning we are always in close proximity to the nation’s finest hop fields and we can’t say we’re too mad about it. Our region put micro brews on the map, and there's no excuse not to get out of the office once in awhile for some local sampling.  Whether you prefer brewery hopping through...

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5 Best Rivalries in College Football

Posted by Matt Chodosh |

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Mom's making turkey sandwiches layered with stuffing and cranberry sauce, so park your butt on the couch and put your feet up. College Football Rivalry Week is here!
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The Best BBQ in the SEC

Posted by Riley Burns |

The Best BBQ in the SEC   Here at Cowbucker, we make and sell dependable outdoor gear, but our appreciation for quality does not stop at apparel. We like to get our eat on and wanted to know where to do so in one of the best regions in the United States: the South. The South encompasses much more than great game days and a lively social scene; it is especially hard to imagine without finger lickin’ good barbeque. If the first thing that comes to mind when you read...

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PAC12 Mascots: An Unscientific and Highly Biased Ranking

Posted by Nikki Kesaris |

PAC12 Mascots: An Unscientific and Highly Biased Ranking   For anyone who’s been following Cowbucker for awhile, you know our story and where we come from. We were fortunate enough to start selling hats in our last term of school, at a school that went to the first College Football Playoff Championship ever the next year! Well, it’s been three years now, and hat sales are great but football has been more... challenging than recent history. So what do we do, kids, when we’re feeling bad about ourselves? We JUDGE...

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Confession of a Football Junkie

Posted by Tom Gillies |

Hello. My name is Tom, and I am a sports-a-holic. Football, especially, is my drug of choice. I think it's genetic. My dad was glued to the tube Saturdays, Sundays, and Monday nights. I can't remember not watching it. Super Bowl Sunday at our house was like Thanksgiving, except instead of turkey the feature was Dad's slow-roasted ribs. I remember spending hours looking through the football card collection that he had meticulously catalogued and kept in storage boxes that he custom-made. I would pull out a few players, selected simply...

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