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      Hat maker appeals to outdoorsy types

      Hat maker appeals to outdoorsy types

      Cowbucker, the Eugene hat company founded in 2014 by three University of Oregon MBA students, recently launched another line of hats.

      In November, Cowbucker introduced Wild Line, six paneled all-cotton­ caps embroidered with outdoors-inspired logos, such as “ ’Mallow Out,” with an image of a roasted marshmallow, or “Paddle On,” with a kayak paddle.

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      Better Adventures, Better Beer

      Better Adventures, Better Beer

      Better Adventures, Better Beer

      Cowbucker Wild Line - Camp Dad Hats for Fishing, Hiking, Camping, and Better Adventures

      Hailing from the evergreen Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by cool temperatures and copious amounts of rain. However, stormy skies are not the only thing we have on tap. Rain makes things grow, meaning we are always in close proximity to the nation’s finest hop fields and we can’t say we’re too mad about it. Our region put micro brews on the map, and there's no excuse not to get out of the office once in awhile for some local sampling. 

      Whether you prefer brewery hopping through big cities, filling up a few growlers for your Sunday tailgate, or cracking a cold one atop a mountain summit, craft beer can be appreciated by all. Here at Cowbucker, there is nothing we love more than rewarding ourselves after a long day of work with a crisp craft brew. In honor of launching the NEW Wild Line last week, our Communications team set out for a celebratory toast just down the street from Cowbucker HQ.

      Cowbucker Wild Line - Camp Dad Hats for Fishing, Hiking, Camping, and Better Adventures

      One of our favorite happy hour spots is Ninkasi Brewing Co., a local brewery located in the heart of downtown Eugene, Oregon. Named after the Sumerian goddess of brewing, Ninkasi has become one of the Pacific Northwest’s fastest-growing breweries - you might even have it on the shelves in your neck of the woods. The vibrant tasting room offers a variety of different beers from the floral, caramel-rich Tricerahops Double IPA to the Ground Control imperial stout.

      Cowbucker Wild Line - Camp Dad Hats for Fishing, Hiking, Camping, and Better Adventures

      Ninkasi is independently owned and community driven. It has a variety of programs in place aimed at supporting local businesses, including its rotating food carts. Each day of the week, Ninkasi hosts a food cart on the outdoor patio. The spacious beer garden is filled with warm fire pits and long rustic picnic tables, making it a cozy spot to gather during the cold months ahead.

      Cowbucker Wild Line - Camp Dad Hats for Fishing, Hiking, Camping, and Better Adventures

      This time around, the team treated themselves with savory waffles from the I Scream For Waffles food truck. From sweet melt-in-your-mouth waffles (we're looking at you, Cookie Butter Colossal) to the savory waffle sandwich and fries, this food truck left every member of the Cowbucker team satisfied (as pictured).
      Cowbucker Wild Line - Camp Dad Hats for Fishing, Hiking, Camping, and Better Adventures
      Beer is not just a drink. It’s a lifestyle. We encourage you to cultivate Better Adventures by enjoying good beer among good company - you never know what you might learn about your co-workers. Cheers from the Cowbucker team!


      5 Best Rivalries in College Football

      5 Best Rivalries in College Football
      It's the most wonderful time of the year! Mom's making turkey sandwiches layered with stuffing and cranberry sauce, so park your butt on the couch and put your feet up. College Football Rivalry Week is here!

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      The Best BBQ in the SEC

      The Best BBQ in the SEC

      The Best BBQ in the SEC


      Here at Cowbucker, we make and sell dependable outdoor gear, but our appreciation for quality does not stop at apparel. We like to get our eat on and wanted to know where to do so in one of the best regions in the United States: the South.

      The South encompasses much more than great game days and a lively social scene; it is especially hard to imagine without finger lickin’ good barbeque. If the first thing that comes to mind when you read those words is sweet hickory smoke pork ribs, lip-smackin’ barbeque chicken, melt in your mouth corn bread and tasty sweet potato fries, then you are in the right spot.
      The spirit in the South can be summarized simply through food. Though cooking styles differ based on region, whether you are headed that way for a football rivalry or quick weekend trip, there’s sure to be something on this list for you. Read on for how to maximize your food tour through cities in the SEC.  

        Southern Belly BBQ - South Carolina Gamecocks Hats at Cowbucker

      The Southern Belly BBQ (Columbia, SC) 

      This long-standing establishment is consistently ranked as the top BBQ joint in Columbia for good reason: friendy, local atmosphere and a free beer when you come in the door. Head straight to the sandwich section on the menu and venture out of your comfort zone with the King Kahuna (BBQ with pineapple and bacon) or the Southern Belly Dipper with Midas sauce (a little touch of gold). A must-stop on your way to and from Williams-Brice Stadium.

      Sweet Ps BBQ - Tennessee Vols Hats at Cowbucker

      Sweet P’s Barbeque and Soul House (Knoxville, TN) 

      Sweet P’s Downtown Dive is walking distance from Neyland Stadium and features $2.50 Tennessee-brewed taps every Saturday during football season!  From their signature brisket to the greens’n’thangs and mac’n’cheese, there is nothing on this menu that you shouldn’t try… just make sure you leave room for the banana pudding!
      C&J Barbeque - Texas A&M Aggies Hats at Cowbucker

      C&J Barbeque  (College Station, TX)  

      If you’re looking for barbeque dripping in sauce, keep moving - these ribs are so tender they don’t need it! Perfect for the whole family, you can order by weight to ensure Bubba and grandma can get exactly what they need. The wide menu features burgers in addition to barbeque, with jalapeno sausage as a fan favorite on Saturdays and all days of the week.

      Dawg Gone Good BBQ - NCAA Hats at Cowbucker

      Dawg Gone Good BBQ (Athens, Georgia) 

      Dawg Gone Good is a popular joint well known for its sign out front reading, “You can taste it before you buy it!” In addition to trying before buying, goers can look forward to the restaurant’s late hours on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays when it stays open past midnight. Dawg Gone Good owner BJ Hardy employs the idea, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” through his down-home cooking style he learned from Grandma. Looking for Southern cuisine with a personal touch? Look no further.

      Sonny's BBQ - LSU Tigers Hats at Cowbucker

      Sonny’s BBQ (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

      Sonny’s is a tried and true favorite of Baton Rouge. Its recipes and loyal fan base have withstood many years, including rebuilding after a flood in 2016. The all-you-can-eat specials are enticing enough, but the menu only gets better with fall-off-the-bone ribs prepared sweet, smokey, or house dry-rubbed.
      Dreamland Barbeque - College Fan Hats at Cowbucker

      Dreamland Bar-B-Que (Tuscaloosa, Alabama) 

      Dreamland’s no fuss, simple menu is sure to attract barbeque enthusiasts from all over. Rather than sweet, this place specializes in a vinegar-heavy, tangy sauce on their perfectly cooked ribs, while the comfy ambience and attentive service makes customers feel right at home. Whether passing through the area or considering a detour, you’ll want to check it out. Dreamland is the real deal!

      Bob Sykes Bar-b-q - NCAA Hats at Cowbucker

      Bob Sykes Barbeque (Bessemer, Alabama) 

      Like your ribs a little chewy rather than falling right off the bone? Choose Bob Sykes! It has been ranked number one by both regional and national publications for good reason. Its thin, vinegary sauce can be served with your smoked meat of choice or on the side, while popular sides include the loaded baked potato and cole slaw. With reasonable prices and a friendly environment, it doesn’t get much better than that!

      Hungry yet? Keep these fan favorite places on your radar for gameday or any day you might be passing through - you will not be disappointed!

      When you do stop, make sure to represent your favorite country and your favorite team with Kick-Ass hats from Cowbucker.com.


      PAC12 Mascots: An Unscientific and Highly Biased Ranking

      PAC12 Mascots: An Unscientific and Highly Biased Ranking

      PAC12 Mascots: An Unscientific and Highly Biased Ranking


      For anyone who’s been following Cowbucker for awhile, you know our story and where we come from. We were fortunate enough to start selling hats in our last term of school, at a school that went to the first College Football Playoff Championship ever the next year!

      Well, it’s been three years now, and hat sales are great but football has been more... challenging than recent history. So what do we do, kids, when we’re feeling bad about ourselves? We JUDGE OTHER PEOPLE. That’s right! Here is our 100% Biased and Totally Unscientific Ranking of PAC12 Mascots:

      Swoop - Utah Utes hats at Cowbucker

      12. Swoop, University of Utah

      A guy in a mask and a tail. Swoop is a red-tailed hawk, a Utah-native whose tail feathers are a representation of Native American Tribe The Ute. Though this guy could probably peck another mascot to death in a fight, he comes in last on our list. Not at all because he is the only other avian mascot in the PAC12 and he rides in on a (way less cool) motorcycle.
      Benny - Oregon State Beavers Hats at Cowbucker.com

      11. Benny Beaver, Oregon State University

      Ah, Benny Beaver -- the PAC’s little brother. He might not get to go to the Prom, but he’s going to do his best to keep you from going too. This industrious mammal carries around his chainsaw to do his best to hype the crowd up. (I don’t mean to state the obvious, but the coolest thing about beavers is that they don’t HAVE to use chainsaws.) Regardless, by an immense stroke of luck, Benny Beaver won the 2011 Capital One Mascot of the Year, which we’re all still questioning. Sorry Benny, this ain’t that rodeo.
      Oski - NCAA Hats at Cowbucker.com

      10. Oski, University of California, Berkeley

      Now I have never been to a football game at Cal Memorial Stadium; however, I cannot begin to imagine Oski pumping up a crowd with his cardigan and little white gloves. This mascot seems like the type of guy who asks people to quiet down rather than get more rowdy. Not to mention he wears a size 15 shoe and only stands at 5 feet-7 inches, which is just confusing. Regardless, I guess every school needs a mascot and this one really suits those smaht kids at Berkeley.
      The Tree - NCAA Hats at Cowbucker.com

      9. The Tree, Stanford University

      This mascot doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but a lot about Stanford football doesn’t always make sense… The Tree is actually not the Stanford’s official mascot. In fact, Stanford does not have have an official mascot at all. The Tree is, believe it or not, the band’s mascot and has been adopted as the unofficial mascot of Stanford over the years. Each year, the tree changes its design and Stanford fans love it. I don’t necessarily get it, but Stanford student body seems to know all, so I’ll trust them.
      Chip - NCAA Hats at Cowbucker.com

      8. Chip, University of Colorado, Boulder

      Chip is the less exciting version of his real-life counterpart, Ralphie the Buffalo. Unfortunately, Chip lives in the shadows of Ralphie who always seems to lead the excitement as he leads the football team onto the field. Chip seems to be doing something right though, as he received national honors on the 2003 Capital One Mascot All-American team.
      Traveler + Trojan - NCAA Hats at Cowbucker.com

      7. Traveler and The Trojan, University of Southern California

      Nearly half a decade ago, “The Trojan” rode around the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on a “conquest,” hyping up the crowd before a game. What was supposed to be a one-time occurrence became an ever-lasting tradition. As the only mascot in the PAC-12 that is not a covered costume, Traveler and The Trojan continue to prance around every game to keep spirits high and cheering loud.
      Joe Bruin - NCAA Hats at Cowbucker.com

      6. Joe Bruin, University of California, Los Angeles

      Perhaps a rather plain mascot, UCLA’s Joe Bruin comes in at number five on our list.
      Joe Bruin is your average bear mascot, nothing really scary about him. TBH, I don’t understand why every school with a bear mascot lacks that intimidation factor. Joe continues to have a smile on his face, regardless of being a four-time-finalist for Capital One Mascot of the Year. UCLA is still mighty proud of Joe’s positive spirit and introduced him to lady bear Josephine to keep his spirits high.
      Butch T. Cougar - NCAA Hats at Cowbucker.com

      5. Butch T. Cougar, Washington State University

      Of all the cat-like mascots, I believe Butch T. Cougar is one of the best. Butch’s lineage is more frightening than he is, as he comes from a long line of real-life cougars. Up until 1978, Washington State University kept multiple live cougars on campus to use at sporting events. After the last cougar, Butch VI, passed away, Butch T. Cougar was introduced to university fans. Butch T. Cougar is most definitely continuing the legacy of his furry ancestors, but one question continues to linger… What does the “T” stand for?
      Sparky - Arizona State Sun Devil Hats at Cowbucker.com

      4. Sparky the Sun Devil, Arizona State University

      After toying with two other potential mascots, Sparky became the official mascot of Arizona State University in 1946. With a face that looks like he has a secret he’s dying to tell, Sparky comes in at number 4 on our list solely because of that killer ‘stache. In addition, his ability to boost school spirit goes beyond the field and into everyday student life. Sparky has become a beloved school treasure across the bajillion ASU campuses in Arizona.
      Wilbur Wildcat - Arizona Wildcats Hats at Cowbucker.com

      3. Wilbur Wildcat, University of Arizona

      Wilbur Wildcat, holding his own as a feline in a land where the Zona Zoo yells “Bear Down”. Wilbur comes in at number 3 solely for the fact that he is wearing a bucket hat that very closely resembles a Bucker. Now I’m not saying I’m biased, but that is a mighty fine bucket hat if you do ask me. I can also appreciate a rather scary factor when it comes to Wilbur’s face. Though with a scary face, the University of Arizona played match-maker and introduced Wilma Wildcat, Wilbur's wife, and the two have been inseparably hyping crowds since 1986.
      Harry the Husky - NCAA Hats at Cowbucker.com

      2. Harry the Husky, University of Washington

      Washington actually has two mascots -- a real husky named Dubs and Harry the Husky, costume mascot. Although Harry the Husky is far less cute than Dubs, Harry never has a problem hyping all the Washington fans. In 2010, Harry received a complete makeover and transformed into a beautifully vicious dog. With a tall and slim figure, this guy oddly resembles Washington’s head football coach, Chris Peterson.



      1. The Duck, University of Oregon

      We never claimed to be impartial! The Oregon Duck (obviously) takes the cake for best mascot in the PAC-12. This Duck hails from a rich history, originating from Disney’s Donald Duck and is the pride and joy of the University of Nike. However, the Duck’s real name is just that: “The Duck.” In the 1920s, student’s paraded around a real duck, named Puddles, to every football game until the Oregon Humane Society found it to be cruel and inhumane. Thus, The Duck was born, but the “Puddles” legacy lives on.



      Confession of a Football Junkie

      Confession of a Football Junkie

      Hello. My name is Tom, and I am a sports-a-holic.

      Cowbucker Tom Gillies Age 8

      Football, especially, is my drug of choice. I think it's genetic. My dad was glued to the tube Saturdays, Sundays, and Monday nights. I can't remember not watching it. Super Bowl Sunday at our house was like Thanksgiving, except instead of turkey the feature was Dad's slow-roasted ribs. I remember spending hours looking through the football card collection that he had meticulously catalogued and kept in storage boxes that he custom-made. I would pull out a few players, selected simply because I liked their names (Louis Lipps was one of my favorites), and sketch them on the floor in the living room.

      College introduced me (among other things for other confessionals) to the Madden Football franchise. This was where my love turned into an obsession. I was learning the idiosyncrasies of playbooks, blocking schemes, and defensive theory... I truly became a student of the game. Now I was not only looking fo the big play or the drama on the field, but I could also appreciate the beauty of how the Mike linebacker shot the A-gap to disrupt the counter-read option. Watch a game and look solely at how the O-line and the D-line interact. At times it can be pure poetry.


      Obviously, my next step was into the realm of fantasy football. The very next season I joined a league with a bunch of friends from high school. I became entrenched in  stats. Stats upon stats upon stats. Speed, strength, vertical jump, catch-to-drop ratio, TD:INT, PPC% , WAR, YAC, EIEIO (I just made that last one up). I was studying depth charts, checking injury reports, and monitoring rookies' playing time like a mob boss running his daily numbers.

      I was an all-in fan of football. Then something happened...Spring. The snow was melting, the days grew longer, and the raspberries planted in the backyard began exchanging their blossoms for fruit. The off-season had begun. I fell into a dark hole of football withdrawals. I needed something - anything - to get me through this pigskin purgatory.



      March Madness was just beginning and the NBA playoffs were right around the corner, and I tried to believe that was enough. Baseball was on the horizon, but I simply didn't have the same emotional investment. Don't get me wrong; I enjoyed basketball and baseball, but it didn't matter how many brackets I filled out or innings I watched: nothing could give me the high I got from football.

      After a few years of wandering the darkness during the off-season, advances in media and entertainment technology started to offer new glimmers of light. The creation of the NFL Network was the first big milestone. Suddenly I was able to watch the NFL Combine. The ultimate Venn diagram of my two favorite sports: NCAA football and NFL football. The Combine is a series of drills which measure the abilities of NCAA athletes as they are being scouted by the NFL teams for selection in the annual NFL Draft. It's a big, sweaty job fair. For one glorious weekend in mid-April, I had my football back. Now a full-fledged football abuser, I went all in again. I was doing my own scouting reports, pulling up old game footage, I even went as far as to make my own mock draft. All seven rounds.

      Cowbucker Tom Gillies Combine

      A couple of years later, I discovered that ESPN was streaming the Canadian Football League on their website (back then it was ESPN3). The feeling I got was similar to the feeling of switching from a PC to a Mac - it was new and different, with a bit of a learning curve, but comfortably familiar. There are a handful of rules that set the CFL apart from the NFL, which provide their own beauty and grace while still delivering the fast-action, hard-hitting brand of visual stimulus that I know and love. Suddenly my dark off-season was significantly shorter: the CFL season starts in late June and goes well into the fall.

      There were still several gaps in the spring, which I filled watching old classic games. One of my favorites is the 2000 Orange Bowl. Tom Brady vs. Shawn Alexander. The game is a piece of art on both sides of the ball: expertly coached and beautifully executed. I’m welling up just thinking about it.

      Cowbucker Tom Brady

      I have finally done it. I have filled my entire year with football. Now it’s about quality over quantity. I am in five fantasy leagues and I am the commissioner of four of them. My earliest draft is held in July to allow ample time for prognostication before the season begins. My YouTube playlist boasts roughly 6 days’ worth of  total play time of great football games, which I can call upon whenever I need a fix. I am advance-scouting this year’s draft class (and next year’s, too). My vacation requests for bowl season and the first weekend in February have been submitted, and I’m scouring the waiver wire for sleepers.

      August 24th (see FCS schedule) is fast approaching, and I feel like a kid on the last day of school waiting for the bell to ring. This year I am most excited about USC. They are the only team with a top-5 recruiting class in 2015 (this year’s sophomores) that didn’t lose a bunch of talent in the last 2 drafts. Alabama, FSU, Clemson, and Tennessee all lost a good chunk of key players. Of these four, I can only see Bama in the top 10 this year. Other schools that I am expecting great things out of this year are LSU (if they can keep their players healthy and out of trouble), Louisville (who is bringing back a Heisman QB) and Penn St. (last year’s B10 champs, and almost all of their starters are returning). I’m also intrigued by Wyoming. They have a quality schedule, a Heisman candidate at QB, and most of their big games are played at home (it’s not easy to play at 7,220 feet). I predict a USC win over either PSU or LSU in the championship game.

      cowbucker coaches poll ncaa college football hats

      Next year is a wild card. It’s tough to guess who is staying, who is going to leave in the draft, and who is going to transfer (and who is going to shoplift some shellfish). I can see both Bama and Clemson rising back to the top after a down year (well, a down year for them...meaning Bama went 10-2 and missed the playoffs, and Clemson ended up being only a top 20 team). Michigan will also need a year to rebuild after the 2017 NFL Draft took a record 11 players. They should recover nicely, though, and be a part of the National Championship discussion. If Georgia can hold on to Jacob Eason at QB this year, he is easily a Heisman candidate. I’m not going to make an official prediction here, but the WAY-too-early-to-tell pick is Clemson over Georgia.

      Clemson University Tigers Hat NCAA College Football ACC

      As far as the NFL is concerned, it is hard for me to not pick a rematch of the New England Patriots over the Atlanta Falcons. They have done nothing but add more talent in the off season. Question marks of the health of the Falcons O-Line leads me to grant the Pats the win. Top 5 Draft picks (in no particular order) will go to the Rams, Jets, 49ers, Giants, and Bears.

      I’m sure that I have offended some of you (sorry, Robbie... sorry, Brock) and I may have given some of you hope (Jerusha, JJ). Above all, I hope my story gives you the courage to fan on your own terms. Don’t let the offseason bring you down. No matter which sport you love, in today’s information-age, there is no shortage of ways to get your fix.


      - Tom

      P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts on my above predictions! Hit me up at tom@cobucker.com and I’ll give you a comprehensive breakdown of your favorite team. Or I'll lay some smack down. Either way, let’s talk!

      Cowbucker Collegiate College Football Hats Clemson LSU Oregon Louisville