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The Most American Man in America

Posted by Whitney Alexander |

WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED, AMERICA. Remember July 4th last year? The pool parties, the backyard barbeques, the firework shenanigans down by the river? It’s that time of year again, fellow countrymen & women. Summer is back, and it’s time for another celebration of our Star Spankin’ Country. To mark another celebration of our country’s independence from those damn redcoats a few hundred years back, we dug up the most American guy we could find and followed him around for a day to see if Cowbucker’s newest USA Line was up...

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Stick a spoon in the potato salad, the family's here!

Posted by Whitney Alexander |

Yep, it’s that time again! The best damn time to be an American. Your step-cousin’s uncle’s best friend is throwing his usual July 4th rip-snorter and it’s got you snaking around the internet again. Just like it does every year. Remember last year when Jimmy’s brother-in-law passed out in the kiddie pool for 7 hours? Classic. How the heck are you going to do your part to show up and show out on this great nation’s beloved holiday? Look no further, America! We got you covered...again. Introducing the brand new...

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St. Paddy's Day Checklist

Posted by Andrew Johnson |

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up! While the Irish themed holiday can be celebrated in many ways, here is a checklist of things we believe you should do, wear or drink to get the most out of our favorite Spring drinking holiday:   Do Chase a rainbow to the other side: You may or may not find a pot of gold once you get there, but the worst case scenario is that you go on a nice, long hike only to find a mad leprechaun getting stingy with his bowl...

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Infamous College Ball Champs

Posted by Charissa Corlies |

As fans we live for nail biting seconds with game winning shots, and appreciate a basketball dynasty when we see one. With March Madness quickly approaching, we have started strategizing our brackets, which led us to wonder - which teams are truly "the best" in college basketball history? 1938-1939 Oregon Nicknamed the Tall Firs for their vertically advantaged roster, Oregon used their height to win 16 of their 18 Pacific Coast Conference games. Their season landed them in cities like Chicago, New York City, and Philadelphia that gave them traveling experience before...

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4 Years in the Pit

Posted by Someone Smarter Than Us |

When I was a kid, I first saw the Pit Crew in action under the old lights of McArthur Court. Looking down from the 300 levels was the rowdiest group of people I had ever seen. From my first game in 2002 players like Luke Jackson, Catherine Kraayeveld, Aaron Brooks, Maarty Leunen, Joevan Catron, and Ellyce Ironmonger became my favorites. I thought this was the best college basketball I had seen, until I was finally a Duck. The venerable MacArthur Court   My first basketball game as a student was against...

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The Founding Fathers: Lit like Lady Liberty's flame

Posted by Tyler Niles |

With yet another cloud filled cold day in the Pacific Northwest, we can’t help but look ahead to a warmer and better time of the year -- summer. With summer comes one of the most epic holiday parties of all time. That’s right, we’re looking at you, Fourth of July. The Fourth of July is made for sun, bbq, good friends, fireworks, and of course, beer. There are few things in life that will top the Fourth of July, but with a sorely needed President’s Day 3-day weekend in front of...

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Lessons From The Generals of The Court

Posted by Jimmy Friedricks |

As we enter into the full swing of college basketball season, let us take a moment to remember some of the incredible wisdom that has been imparted upon us by legendary coaches of college basketball. Laugh, cry and think every day In one of the most profound moments in the history of the ESPY awards, Jimmy Valvano reminds us that to live to the fullest, we must laugh, cry and think deeply every single day. But don’t trip too much… While it’s okay to share your feelings, Duke’s Coach K’s...

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Cowbucker's Losers are Winners Sale!

Posted by Whitney Alexander |

In the spirit of endless off-season optimism, we want to celebrate CFB Signing Day with Cowbucker's First Annual Losers Are Winners Sale!  Whatever your team's loss percentage last season, that's how much we're taking off the hats! Tomorrow ONLY, Midnight to Midnight, Collegiate Buckers are up to 92% Off (we're looking at you Fresno State). February 2nd brings a new dawn, and all of our stocks are on the rise. We're going to be straight with you guys... On a personal level, this past football season was a rough one at...

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Yo, it's Winter. GTFO!

Posted by Dorie Pagnano |

There’s something about the winter season that can make people feel like they’re in a slump. Does the color of your skin resemble Ed Sheeran’s upper thigh? Have you run out of shows to binge-watch on Netflix during a Sunday afternoon? Do you look at your iPhone weather forecast and see rain/sleet/snow everyday for the next week? Well, we hear ya - we miss vitamin D, too. Unfortunately, this blog post will not end with your chance to win a tropical vacation for two, but IT WILL give you a...

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