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      Lessons From The Generals of The Court

      Lessons From The Generals of The Court

      As we enter into the full swing of college basketball season, let us take a moment to remember some of the incredible wisdom that has been imparted upon us by legendary coaches of college basketball.

      Laugh, cry and think every day

      In one of the most profound moments in the history of the ESPY awards, Jimmy Valvano reminds us that to live to the fullest, we must laugh, cry and think deeply every single day.

      But don’t trip too much…

      While it’s okay to share your feelings, Duke’s Coach K’s handling of Grayson Allen latest tripping incident reminds us that tripping people during a basketball game is not so chill.

      Be coachable

      This epic postgame rant from Southern Illinois’ Coach Barry Hinson helps us learn to stay coachable, listen to others, avoid hidden snipers while on the court and maybe use at least one shot fake.

      Be enthusiastic

      An inside look at Oregon Basketball’s Dana Altman shows that to lead your team, and to get the best out of those around you, enthusiasm has to come from the top.

      Share your feelings 

      Don’t be afraid to let others know how you feel. Whether you’re angry enough to throw a chair or happy enough to hug your friend, former Indiana Coach Knight teaches us in this clip that it’s best to just let everyone know how you’re feeling. Because even if you get tossed from the game, you still got to throw the chair.


      From philosophical life lessons to the art of properly throwing a chair, college basketball’s most prominent coaches have taught us a great deal. We’re excited to see what else we’ll learn about this season!

      Cowbucker's Losers are Winners Sale!

      Cowbucker's Losers are Winners Sale!

      In the spirit of endless off-season optimism, we want to celebrate CFB Signing Day with Cowbucker's First Annual Losers Are Winners Sale!  
      Whatever your team's loss percentage last season, that's how much we're taking off the hats! Tomorrow ONLY, Midnight to Midnight, Collegiate Buckers are up to 92% Off (we're looking at you Fresno State). February 2nd brings a new dawn, and all of our stocks are on the rise.

      We're going to be straight with you guys... On a personal level, this past football season was a rough one at Cowbucker HQ. Most of you know that we started at the University of Oregon and wave our Duck flag often, but we've got other allegiances too: Wildcats, Aggies, and Bulldogs, just to name a few. What do all of these teams have in common? They all lost this year. A LOT.
      We also know (Tiger fans, you can skip ahead) that a lot of you are in the same boat.  Even if it was just one game, most of you Buckers lost more than you wanted to. 


      The silver lining of being losers (besides our beefed up tris from all that Surrender Cobra) is that Signing Day is tomorrow and we all get to spend the next 200 days imagining the undefeated season to follow!


      So, on a day of hope for the future, we're celebrating being losers together by practically giving hats away. Some might say we "didn't think this through" and are going to "lose money", but after last season y'all deserve it!*


      Yo, it's Winter. GTFO!

      Yo, it's Winter. GTFO!

      There’s something about the winter season that can make people feel like they’re in a slump. Does the color of your skin resemble Ed Sheeran’s upper thigh? Have you run out of shows to binge-watch on Netflix during a Sunday afternoon? Do you look at your iPhone weather forecast and see rain/sleet/snow everyday for the next week? Well, we hear ya - we miss vitamin D, too. Unfortunately, this blog post will not end with your chance to win a tropical vacation for two, but IT WILL give you a few awesome ideas specifically for winter weather.
      It can be tough finding the motivation to go out and explore when it requires putting on four layers and stepping out into the near freezing temps, but if there’s one thing we pride ourselves on here at Cowbucker (besides making awesome gear), it’s embracing ALL of the elements, no matter how worried our mom's are about us catching a cold. Check out our list below of the best winter getaways, and next time you pick up that remote for a House of Cards season rewatch, remember this list instead:

      Retreat from Civilization

      A change of scenery can do wonders for that dead-of-winter drag. Even if you’re lucky enough to have friends with a cabin (nice work/ jealous), sites like Airbnb hook it up with an authentic cabin home for you and all of your friends at the click of a button. Grab your grill, some red cups, Battleship and movies, and you’ll be ready to go.

      Head up the Hill

      cowbucker rain hat, the reign

      Don’t let the semi pro skiers and snowboarders intimidate you, because nothing is more badass than some good ol’ team snow tubing (look, they’re in helmets!) And if you really don’t like being cold, many mountain areas have world class breweries and bars that will be sure to serve up an Irish coffee or spiked hot cocoa. Honorable Mention Mountain Activities: sledding, snowshoeing & x-country skiing (for 15 minutes because that ish is HARD).

      Hit the Beach (but stay off the wet sand!)

      Who says the beach is only for summer? Nothing warms you up like a steaming bowl of clam chowder. Head to a coastal city for a night and watch the storms roll in. Chances are there’s a local candy store serving up some sweet fudge or saltwater taffy to sustain your hotel hibernation.

      Get Wet

      No hot tub? No problem! Mother Earth has afforded us many wonders, including natural hot tubs. Many hot springs require a scenic hike to get to but don't require clothes, both of which make a hot springs adventure that much more fun. Now get nekkid and embrace the prune!

      When all else fails: Burn Stuff

      Want a FUN project to add to your never ending winter to-do list?  Grab some pallets or the Christmas tree that's still leaning against the back of the house and build a bonfire! You won’t regret it. Fires are awesome all year round, but during the winter when you’re permanently accustomed to the chill, they provide an amazing source of heat while still enjoying the outdoors. Grab a lawn chair, s’mores and alcohol (not necessarily in that order) to warm you up because your crappy heater in your apartment probably doesn’t cut it.
      What’s your favorite winter getaway? Let us know in the comments below!

      219 Days

      219 Days

      Well folks, it’s official. The college football season, widely regarded as the best part of the year, has come to an epic close with the National Championship game between Clemson and Alabama - the ultimate cherry on top to an unforgettable year. Sadly, that means no more tailgates, no more walks through the fall afternoon air with the roar of the crowd in the background, and did we mention this yet? No more football.

      The grieving process takes time, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The offseason is a long and grueling one but these few tips will help you get your fan on while you wait for the return of college football next September. 

      • GEAR UP FOR MARCH MADNESS – Arguably the second best college sports event, college basketball’s March Madness is right around the corner. Whether your alma mater is in the big dance or not, it is always fun to make a bracket to try to predict the winner, as well as watch the mayhem unfold! March Madness is a very effective way to replicate the excitement of college football, and is always bound to bring some unforgettable upsets.
      • SPRING SPORTS – Bear with us, we know what you’re thinking. Spring sports = no tackles.  Watching Baseball or Softball as a spectator can be slow, but that's actually a GOOD thing!  Here’s how you should approach baseball this offseason: it’s the sport of the sun and there are few things in the world that feel as right as going to a ballpark, grabbing yourself a beer and a hot dog, and leaning back in the bleachers for America’s favorite pastime. Think of it as a more leisure fandom activity and as a great way to cope with post football season blues.
      • PREPARE YOUR TAILGATE SCHEDULE FOR NEXT FALL – This could be somewhat of a cruel thing to do to yourself, so we advise you to not begin our third activity until the summer time.  Everything from the food menu to beer, to your next setup that will be even better than this year's, you can get fired up with friends as football season inches closer and closer.  In the immortal words of Bo Jackson (who knows a thing or two about football AND baseball): "Set your goals high, and don't stop until you get there."  Bo knows tailgating, too.
      All in all, post college football blues are a very real thing. In fact,  pretty sure it’s a recognized disorder in the DSM. So we guess it’s a good thing that we have time to cope and brush our shoulders off. Nothing can replace the pageantry of college football and a perfect game day in the fall, but for now, we’ll work with what we’ve got.

      What do we do now?

      What do we do now?

      At Cowbucker, we believe that sports can bring out the best in us, inspire us to feats we didn’t think possible.  Even for the fans the essence of sport is to get better every day, never stop competing.  It’s what our favorite teams do, and it’s what we try to do everyday here at Cowbucker HQ.  

      So what happens when the season ends?  We’re left with a vacuum of despair and malaise, no roaring crowds or stellar plays to get the blood flowing, to feed that drive to succeed.  Well despair no more, Buckers, cause we have your back!

      Here’s a collection of some of our favorite clips, designed to help you be a better you through the offseason (you badass mother, you):



      Mornings are when you set the tone for your day. Take a minute to look yourself in the eye in the mirror everyday and give yourself a little pep talk:




      A few times a year, most of us need a reset on our eating habits.  Bookmark this for when you’re debating that second donut:




      Finals didn’t go so hot?  If these guys can fight back, so can you:




      Some of you might be looking for a change at work.  Here’s a great model of how to leave your current job with dignity (and a great reference):





      “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”  ...or what he said:





      Are you the sort of person who keeps their emotions bottled up inside?  We know that’s not healthy, so here’s  an example of expressing your emotions in a positive way:




      The world is a becoming a smaller and smaller place.  Being an informed citizen means knowing what’s going on around the world and working together towards a common goal:



      Then again, here’s one just in case we have to fight the Russians:



      And if none of those work, just remember that WE think you're fantastic.





      Bucking the trend

      Bucking the trend

      With success sparked by an unconventional product, Cowbucker now wants to build on its momentum.

      By Michael Quirk, Associate Editor, Sports Licensing Retailer
      November 9, 2016

      Sports fans display their allegiances in a variety of ways, especially on game days: T-shirts with their favorite teams’ logos, face paint, jerseys and, of course, hats.

      Hats — whether they’re ball caps, visors or the occasional cowboy hat — have traditionally been a staple item worn by fans. One Oregon company is hoping to buck that trend with a new line of alternative headgear.

      Cowbucker was launched in 2014 in Eugene, Ore., by its three co-founders, who met while they were graduate students at The University of Oregon. According to co-founder Whitney Alexander, the three bonded over craft beer, ping pong, the outdoors and their mutual love for the Ducks.

      Continue reading...