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      Evolution of the Fanny Pack

      Evolution of the Fanny Pack


      We don’t think it’s a coincidence that “sexy back” and “fanny pack” rhyme. Since fanny packs made their debut on the fashion and lifestyle scene in the 1980s, the belt and bag combo has been through a variety of stages. From the color-block neon stage of the 80s, to the dorky tourist stage of the 90s, to the high-fashion music festival-goer stage of the 2000s, the fanny pack has seen it all.



      The neon fanny pack was one of the most iconic, yet practical trends during the 80s decade. Before they were a surefire indicator of a tourist, fanny packs were an emblem of style. We mean, where else would people keep their spare change for payphones? A variety of patterns and colors inspired as many lovers and haters, but one thing is for sure, the fanny pack changed the accessory game.


      Ahhh, the 90’s, where overalls and neon windbreakers became the new practical fashion trend. Later in the decade, the fanny pack became exiled into the “tacky tourist” category, with its typical supporters being less concerned with style and more so about where they left their passports, plane tickets, and Disneyland passes.




      The later 2000’s brought the perfect blend of fashion and practicality for the fanny pack. Some credit American Apparel and others 90s-influenced outfitters for bringing the bag back to popularity. Whether it was a designer dud being previewed for the first time on a runway, on the waist of a celebrity at a music festival, or even your grandparents when they went to explore Europe last summer… the fanny pack has become embraced by people far and wide.




      This made us wonder… why hasn’t there been a fanny designed with the adventure lover in mind? The fanny pack is light weight, provides tons of storage, and only takes a little bit of confidence to make it the next conversation piece. So, we pulled apart zillons of different fanny packs and got to work. From waterproof nylon material, to a handy bottle opener, pockets designed specifically for your adventure in mind and a sturdy, adjustable strap, we think we may have just crafted your next trust companion. If your weekend brings you to a tailgate, a hike, a trip down the river, cross country skiing or a brew cycle, know that The Fan has got you covered.


      After all, if the sexiest man alive rocks a fanny pack, that must mean something, right?!



      So go on, get out there to your next adventure, and make sure to not forget the next generation of fanny packing: The Fan.



      The Last Gameday

      The Last Gameday

      Ahh, there is nothing like a fall Saturday at the stadium. The smell of fresh rain, the chill in the air and the resounding sound of college football fans making the walk to the stadium. It doesn’t get much better than that.

      For many, the next two weekends are your LAST CHANCE this year to go to a home game, and as loyal football fans we have had years to perfect the gameday craft. So, we feel pretty confident imparting our wisdom to football fans all over. Wherever you're cheering on your team, we’ve got you. What are some ways you, as a #Bucker, can get the most out of these last gamedays of the season?

      This is what we got for ya:

      Tailgate Early, Tailgate Often

      The key to a successful gameday starts at the tailgate, obviously.

      • ❏ Get your spot early.
      • ❏ Put some meat on the grill.
      • ❏ Get the dips and the chips out.
      • ❏ Crack a cold one.
      • ❏ Take in a deep breath of that gameday air.

        Make Friends

        On gameday, we all have tens of thousands of friends. Make them your best friends.

        • ❏ Talk to every fan you see
        • ❏ Belt out the fight song and let the crowd around you join in.
        • ❏ Offer your new friends some of your chips and, if you’re feeling generous, your meat.

          Do A Lap

          Your tailgate is clearly awesome, but grab a can (or two) for the road and check out what other people have going on!

          • ❏ Enjoy all the sights, sounds and smells your stadium has to offer.
          • ❏ Play cornhole with someone you don't know.
          • ❏ Visit the opposing team section and BE NICE (unless it's rivalry week).
          • ❏ Give someone that second can if it looks like they need it - it'll come back to you in karma.


            You are here for football! Might as well catch as much of the game as possible.

            • ❏ That feeling in the crowd right before the team runs out of the tunnel cannot be replicated - get there.
            • MAKE NOISE: Yell every chance you get. The opposing team shouldn’t be able to hear themselves think.

              Halftime Tailgate

              This is crucial.  You need enough energy to get you through the second half.  Make sure you listen to the coach on the big screen, though, and get back in time for the third quarter!

              Post Game

              • ❏ Leave the stadium with no voice. Do your part as a fan and leave it all on the field!
              • ❏ Celebrate!  Having a game day is a privilege. Win or lose, we will always be proud of our team, how they represent the school, and how they play.
              • ❏ Enjoy a few post game beers with your friends, in victory or commiseration.
              • ❏ Most importantly, get home safely. A successful gameday will always end with you tucked comfortably in bed.

                If you follow these commandments for pre, during, and post gameday tactics, you will have a successful, kickass game day guaranteed! Make sure to #BuckUp, and as always from Cowbucker, Go Ducks!

                Rain Can't Stop Us

                Being from Oregon, Cowbucker knows rain. We know wind. We know cold weather. But, we also know adventure! When we see gloomy weather in the forecast, we dust off our winter gear with pride, because who has time to waste indoors? While some may allow the rain to hinder their plans, we look forward to it. Getting a little wet is just part of the fun, a lasting reminder of a day well spent.

                So layer up and get outside! 

                Here are our suggestions for what to do when it pours in the PNW:

                Go on a Run

                There’s something about running in the rain that makes you feel like a superhero straight out of an action movie. Some real badass stuff. Turn up the inspirational tunes and go. Kanye anyone? Check out the Riverbank trails in Eugene to run along the Willamette River, and make sure to take one of our favorite detours and run past Autzen stadium.

                Take a Hike

                The outdoors has a whole new aesthetic when it’s raining that you need to see for yourself. There’s truly nothing more calming than taking in the sights and sounds of the Pacific Northwest in the rain. Angels Rest in the Columbia River Gorge is a must to be conquered. Just be careful once you get the top where it gets a little rocky. 

                Dig in at Some Food Carts

                Take advantage of the local and unique food carts in the area and explore the city while you munch on the best gyro you have ever had. Cartlandia in Portland has a wide variety of food options and plenty of outdoor seating. Beer Garden in Eugene has a taproom with an extensive list of beers, wines, and ciders to pair with your food. How will you pick just one?

                Go to a Football Game!

                Few rain drops in your red solo cup? That’s just a little extra hydration. Throw some hot dogs on the barbeque and set up a game of corn hole at your tailgate. Then scream your lungs out under the stadium lights as you witness that winning touchdown. 

                Adventure doesn’t have to stop just because of a little precipitation. So next time you’re thinking about staying inside and binge watching an entire season of Game of Thrones, just remember experiences aren’t going to make themselves. As we head into our rainiest months, Cowbucker challenges you to embrace the outdoors and seize the day.

                Take the time to experience the world without hesitation, and make sure to keep us updated with your travels along the way. Don’t forget to throw on your Reign hat to soak up whatever weather the PNW has to offer. Adventure awaits!

                Sometimes it rains...

                Sometimes it rains...

                ...and sometimes it pours.

                It's a new week Duck fans! See that guy up there?  In case you haven't met, that's Tom, Cowbucker's Duke of Operations.  Tom had a rough time in the monsoon at the Cal game a few years back, and he clearly wasn't the only one.

                We were reminiscing about that fateful day at Cowbucker HQ and it got us thinking:  In Oregon - The Land of 10,000 Precipitations - why couldn't we find a rain hat we wanted to wear?  Answer: We hadn't made it yet!

                As Duck fans we know rain better than anyone else, and we wanted to give you a first look at Cowbucker's newest hat: The Oregon Reign. Waterproof, Ducked Out, and ready for whatever Autzen throws its way! Now Tom is a happy dude.


                Endless Summer

                Howdy Cowbucker Peeps!

                Another great summer in the Pacific Northwest in the books! It’s been hot out here in Eugene, but that’s really just another great excuse for more perfect weekends floating the river, fishing, and camping. 

                It’s been ONE YEAR since many of you helped Kickstart our company, and we wanted to shoot y’all a quick email to let you in on some of the cool stuff we’ve got going on at Cowbucker right now!

                Cowbucker Pop-Up Store - Eugene, Oregon

                4th of July

                Summer 2016 was the hottest summer on record (globally and at Cowbucker) since we started slanging hats in Fall 2014. Both our July 4th and Olympic USA campaigns this summer were wildly successful, resulting in sold out USA hats (in all three of our new styles) in stores all around the United States. It’s becoming clear that people LOVE our USA Buckers. Makes sense...our country is pretty sweet.

                New Partners (like 21st Amendment!)

                Custom hats have also been in high demand this summer. We’ve been partnering with new breweries, little leagues, and fun businesses all over the United States to create unique merchandise for all sorts of outdoor occasions. One of our newest partners is the world famous 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco, California who hired Cowbucker to design and create a SWEET hat to help promote the release of their newest beer—The El Sully Lager. We like beer!

                New Teams

                This Fall, Cowbucker is launching hats at a grip of new schools. Below, you can see the list of our new college partners that we’ll be shipping product for over the next month.  

                Check out the list, take a gander at the website, and let us know what else you want to see!

                New State Designs

                Cowbucker has also added a bunch of new “state inspired” designs for Fall 2016 release. (Ohio, we heard you!)  Tell us why your state is the BEST EVER (like everyone in Ohio did, seriously we learned so much) and you could be next!


                Final Fun Thoughts!

                Cowbucker has a whole bunch of awesome stuff planned for the next few months—including brand new products, brand new styles, and brand new partners (what’s up, Canadian Football League?!).

                We are especially stoked on the new Cowbucker Boon, our take on the ever-popular Boonie Hat. It’s rolling out at several schools this year so take a look and let us know what you think!

                Thanks, and Buck Up!


                Whitney, Chris, Derek (Your Cowbucker Co-Founders)