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The Gon-Fishn Waterproof Boonie




The Gon-Fishn Trucker Hat features the license plate weall SHOULD have and is customized in Eugene, Oregon, USA! With the McKenzie and the Willamette Rivers running through Cowbucker's hometown, going fishing just means grabbing your pole and heading out the door! Everyone knows there are days where work can wait but the fish can't - sorry boss, I'm going fishing!

Made of durable, ultra-lightweight waterproof materials for ultimate comfort and protection from the sun, rain, and everything in between! Our Waterproof Boonie cap is perfect for fishing the spring spawns and the fall runs. Walleyes, watch out! Wet or dry, this epic wide-brim cap is the ultimate way to strut your stuff and battle the weather, no matter what it throws at you! As always, one size fits most (up to 7 ¾ comfortably).

  • Full 360 degree brim for all day sun & rain protection

  • Hat is one size fits most (up to 7 ¾) and features an elastic sweatband for perfect snug fit and all day comfort

  • Durable, ultra lightweight waterproof materials float on water for the perfect lake hat or river hat, and keep you dry

  • Hat will pack down quickly to go wherever you do

  • Customized in Oregon, USA

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