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The Steelhead All-Weather Wool-Lined Boonie


Sold out (for now) but we're in the back making more! Check back soon.

Sports-friends, we know exactly what it’s like for your cabeza to be freezing cold at the lake, wishing you had a warm cap to drive up that body temp! The custom Steelhead All-Weather Boonie Hat by your friends at Cowbucker is made of durable waterproof canvas, and lined with 100% wool. This hat is perfect for outdoor Better Adventures™ when everybody else is inside by the fire. This epic wide-brim cap is the ultimate way to strut your stuff and stay dry. Just don’t forget the hand warmers! As always, one size fits most (up to 7 ¾ comfortably).

  • Made from Waterproof Canvas and lined with 100% Wool, this cap will keep you warm and dry during November football and all other winter Better Adventures™

  • Warm and classic Boonie profile makes this the perfect year-round hat for outdoor adventures in the rain, snow, and freezing temps.

  • The cinch cord drawstring and elasta-fit comfort band allows enough stretch to comfortably fit most adults and stay on your head (Size range: 7-7.5)

  • OSFM - One Size Fits Most

What The Buck?

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