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The 90s Slashed Blue/Pink Reversible Bucket Hat

$35.00 $25.00

TWO HATS IN ONE! If Lisa Frank and a T-Rex had a baby, it would wear the 90’s  Slashed Blue/Pink Reversible Bucket Hat around it’s unicorn horn. 90's inspired rage/slashed colorway for the Zach Morris in us all. Featuring TWO distinctive ways to wear, this Bucket Hat will take you from a day at the beach to a night under the lights. 

  • TWO unique reversible will take you from a day at the river to the EDC without changing your hat!

  • Nylon cinch cord with pass-through eyelet make this the world’s ONLY adjustable Reversible Bucket hat, for a snug fit however you wear it

  • High-quality 100% twill construction is sturdy for all of your outdoor Better Adventures™

  • Mesh side panels let the summer breeze cool you off, while our original brim design provides 360-degree sun protection without blocking your view of the Main Stage

  • Cap packs down for travel to festivals, camping trips, day hikes, and rowdy days on the boat

What The Buck?

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