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We Build on Tradition. We Inspire Fandom. We Make Kick-Ass Gear.

Back in 2012, the three Cowbucker founders stumbled across one another during first-year orientation at the University of Oregon. Over the next few terms, the three friends found common ground in craft beer, fierce (and sometimes contentious) ping pong rivalries, and the great Oregon outdoors. Life was perfect.

With six months to go before graduation, the three friends debated a simple idea—what if there was a ball cap that allowed the head to breathe like a trucker hat, but prevented the “redneck effect” with a full brim for 360-degree shade? Was it even possible to create such a magnificent piece of equipment?

After several cardboard prototypes and recycling bins filled with rough samples, Cowbucker launched their first product in Fall 2014. They called it The Bucker, and it was the world’s first ever cowboy-trucker hat combination. They sold thousands.

Since that fateful Fall, Cowbucker has established itself as a national lifestyle apparel brand, equipping weekend warriors with some the most impressive outdoor fan gear that planet earth has ever seen.

At its core, Cowbucker innovates. Old products are ripped apart, examined from new angles, and rebuilt from the ground up with an eye toward the modern outdoor experience. The best parts of life tend to happen on the margins: backflipping into sun-kissed lakes, crowdsurfing at festivals, and staying out until the sun comes up. Cowbucker gear is always built and designed with your greatest experiences in mind.

From beaches and rivers to the Olympic games, Cowbucker’s mission is simple: inspire as many outdoor adventures as possible. Today, Cowbucker partners with the world’s largest college teams, breweries, and retailers across the good ol’ US of A. They continue to turn the outdoor apparel market on its head, designing fresh products for the best days of our lives.