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That’s right all of you sad sacks! We're back with the Second Annual Losers are Winners Flash Sale!

On February 1, in honor of the tears, the defeated slumps in the bleachers, and all of the surrender cobras out there, we are here to turn those frowns upside down.

So how does it work? Whatever your team’s loss percentage last season, that’s how much your teams Buckers are discounted for ONE DAY ONLY!

So, say you went 1-11 in 2017 (Sorry Baylor. It was a rebuilding year, right?). That means you lost 11 out of 12, or 92%, of your games. Why is this good news? It’s good news because all of our Baylor styles will be 92% OFF!

Cowbucker Losers are Winners NCAA college football hat flash sale 

Mark your calendars for 2/1, and check out Cowbucker University to scope out your plan of attack.

2018 is a new season - Get ready!