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      Leather Patches

      This year's hottest deco trend, genuine leather patches offer a high-quality, artisanal look for your cap. Laser-etching provides sharp lines on one of three leather colors for a variety of styles. 

      Genuine leather colors (pictured) include: Natural, English Tan, and Black

      MOQ: 24 Pieces

      Standard Turn: 3 Weeks from Final Proof Approval

      Best For: Bold, one-color designs

      Sizing: Max = (H+W)/2 < 2.5" 


      Flat Embroidery

      The best embroidery in the business on the highest-quality caps. All embroidery orders are completed in two weeks from Final Proof approval - the fastest turnaround available anywhere.

      Minimum: 12 Pieces

      Standard Turn: 2 Weeks

      Best For: Team logos and brand designs with moderate level of detail, looking for a classic look

      Sizing: Variable depending on location and cap style


      3D Embroidery

      Add some dimension to your designs! Make it all stand out, or select elements from your design to pop off the cap.

      MOQ: 12 Pieces

      Standard Turn: 2 weeks

      Best For: Bold letters and designs. 3D Embroidery not available on thin lines or fine detail

      Sizing: Variable depending on location and cap style


      Woven Patches

      Our most popular patch style, the tight weave allows for more design detail, clean lines and flatter appearance. Made with thinner thread and continuous stitching, woven patches achieve fine detail and flexibility to better contour to the shape of the crown.

      MOQ: 48 Pieces

      Standard Turn: 5 weeks from Final Proof Approval

      Best For: Fine detail and smaller type

      Sizing: Max Height: 2.5"H | Max Width: 4.5"


      Embroidered Patches

      Embroidered patches are created with traditional embroidery thread on high-quality twill for a classic, bold patch look. Embroidered stitching creates three-dimensional texture and a vintage feel.

      MOQ: 48 Pieces

      Standard Turn: 5 weeks from Final Proof Approval

      Best For: Bold, basic shapes and designs

      Sizing: Max Height: 2.5" | Max Width: 4.5"


      Sublimated Patches

      Sublimated Patches are digitally printed for a photorealistic representation of your design. If you've been struggling to get those last details and colors to come through with embroidery or a woven patch, sublimation is your new best option. 

      MOQ: 48 pieces

      Standard Turn: 4 Weeks from Final Proof Approval

      Best For: Photorealistic images and graphics

      Sizing: Max Height: 2.5"H | Max Width: 4.5" 



      FlexStyle® by Pacific Headwear uses new innovations in technology for a cap decoration unlike anything we've seen before.

      Make your design stand out with extreme design detail, multiple texture options and vibrant colors (including chrome and other metallics).

      MOQ: 24 pieces

      Turnaround: 4 Weeks from Final Approval

      Location: Front, Side, Back

      Best For: High levels of detail, thin lines, smaller type, and metallic elements

      Sizing: Standard: (H+W)/2 < 2.5" | Large: (H+W)/2 = 2.5 - 3"