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      cowbucker kick-ass hats better adventures team whitney


      Co-Founder, CMO
      From the moment Whitney was awarded the title of 1992 Champion Junior Gardener at the Clackamas County Fair, at least 3 people other than her parents knew she was special. Born and raised in Oregon, Whitney enjoys taking full advantage of everything the state has to offer: the high deserts, rivers, beaches, and everywhere in between. Whitney figured out the affect group singing and beer can have on teamwork as a college rugby player, and thankfully found a company that values those things just as much. As Co-Founder and CMO at Cowbucker, Whitney connects Cowbucker to life's uber-fans and shows the world how stoked we are on our hats!
      Where I Buck: 
      Camping, floating the river, and anywhere else that sun and rain happen simultaneously. Of course it never rains at Autzen Stadium, but the brim comes in handy for ALL forms of precipitation.


      cowbucker kick-ass hats better adventures  team chris


      Co-Founder, COO
      As the runner up in the district 2nd-grade spelling bee, Chris always knew that he was destined for greatness. He just didn’t know how to spell “BREAKFAST.” With that flaw now fixed, Chris prides himself on his ability to find creative solutions to problems people never knew they had. Rarely does a minute at work pass by without him thinking of spending time with his family, being out in the beautiful Oregon landscape, losing at fantasy football, or celebrating his losing team with fantastic Oregon beer. As Co-Founder and COO, Chris heads product development, keeps the lights on, and makes all of your wildest dreams come true.
      Where I Buck:
      I wear it on the trail, in the yard, at Hayward Field, playing disc golf, on my bike, and anywhere I need to feel the Oregon love.


        cowbucker kick-ass hats better adventures team tom


      Growing up in the Inland Empire, Tom had a lot of time on his hands. He spent most of his childhood playing outdoors (when he wasn't grounded). Growing up 'round the hills and valleys, lakes and rivers of North Idaho, Eastern Washington, and Western Montana gave him a deep appreciation for the outdoors and an unflappable sense of adventure. These days, Tom is adventuring all over Cascadia, spending a lot of time developing his palate for fine potent potables, and watching as many sporting events as his wife will allow. Tom is easily the best fantasy sports player in the office, which causes some heated debates and tears.  As Cowbucker's Duke of Operations, he is the man with the plan for getting your hats to you.

      Where I Buck:
      I wear it hiking, floating the river, watching live sports outside - especially at Autzen Stadium and Hayward Field - and for activities involving throwing things. I find that the brim helps keep flying objects from hitting my head.


      cowbucker kick-ass hats better adventures team marie


      As a go-getting tomboy from Upstate New York, Marie spent much of her youth rollin’ in dirt and schoolin’ the boys. With the Adirondacks in her backyard she wanted to explore every inch of the rope swinging, trail blazing, fish wrangling fun it had to offer. Don’t be fooled by this Yankee, she reps Green and Gold for her beloved Packers and will never let you forget it. She’s a proud cheese head who can’t resist a bratwurst and a cold one at any tailgate. When she isn’t busy watching the game, she’s front running with her band at a local bar rocking out to Led Zeppelin classics. As the Duchess of Design here at Cowbucker, Marie unites color, form, and her artistic inventiveness to make our awesome hats come to life.
      Where I Buck:
      If the Ducks are on, my Bucker is on! I wear it to all Oregon sporting events and tailgates to show off my pride. I also love to wear it hiking and anywhere that shoes are optional.