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Fish Eugene Trucker Hat




The Fish Eugene Trucker Hat features an original tri-color embroidered patch, customized in Eugene, Oregon, USA! In the middle of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, there’s the town that Cowbucker calls home. Having Eugene as our hub for Better Adventures™ means we can hit up the mountains, the river, the lakes, and the beach in one day. With the McKenzie and the Willamette Rivers running through town, going fishing just means grabbing your pole and heading out the door!

  • 3-part cotton comfort fit sweatband keeps your eyes clear to watch the trail and scope out fish

  • Adjustable plastic-snap closure keeps it on your head at the beach and the ballgame

  • U-Shape brim to curve it however you want it

  • Adjustable Adult Sizing

  • Customized in Oregon, USA

This hat is made of high-quality, durable materials for ultimate performance and lifelong outdoor companionship. Perfect for everything from casting off the boat to creek fishing for bluegill, trout, or crawdads (if you’re not catching crawdads, you’re not doing it right). This epic trucker cap provides ultimate breathability and structure for the breeze off the water. 

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