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'The Beast' (March '18 Cap of the Month)


Sold out (for now) but we're in the back making more! Check back soon.

Cowbucker: Kick-Ass Hats. Better Adventures. Cap of the Month - Hercules

So if you’re like us, you’ve seen The Sandlot two hundred times. Well we just found out LAST WEEK that March 2018 marks the 25th Anniversary of The Sandlot. Some may say it’s luck, some may say it’s fate, some may say the ghost of Babe Ruth is pulling the strings (LEGENDS NEVER DIE, RIGHT BENNY?) All we know is we watched this movie last weekend and we were feeling it super hard. So in honor of the greatest childhood movie of all time, we knew our first Cap of the Month had to be an homage to the meanest, scariest, baseball-eating dog we’ve ever come across: The Beast. Let’s go! Sandlot Sandlot Sandlot!

  • 100% Cotton, just like Grandpa used to wear

  • Unstructured, Low Profile, Six Panel

  • High quality adjustable buckle closure for one size fits most

  • Customized in Oregon, USA

Remember those summers when parents didn’t exist? Running around with friends, getting dirty, sleeping outside, getting kicked out of swimming pools. Getting into deep sh*t but having your buddies there to back you up and help get you out of it? It didn’t matter whether you were up against Wendy Peffercorn, those kids across town with the real baseball uniforms, or The Beast himself. Back then, Better Adventures™ never felt better.

Unless you’re out hiking the PCT, those three months running wild are the stuff of memories. But with age comes wisdom, and as adults we’ve also figured out that Better Adventures™ can happen anytime, whether it’s a three-day weekend or the three hours between sunrise and the office. We hope our Sandlot-inspired Cap of the Month helps remind you of what’s important in life.

From our crew of adventurers to yours, our mission will always be to champion Better Adventures™...whether that’s getting chased by a giant english mastiff, making smores by candlelight with your buddies in the summer, or letting the Fourth of July fireworks light up the night sky, just enough for you to get one last game of baseball in.

What The Buck?

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