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The Open-Weave Outback Straw Hat

Open-Weave Straw

<<TWEEEEEET>> Stop what you’re doing and give us 20! That’s right son, this Open-Weave Straw Outback Hat is the perfect cap from the sidelines to the post-game booster clambake! Open weave straw lets you catch the breeze and stay cool on the riverbank and at the yacht club! Rock the straw or customize with your own logo on an embroidered or leather patch! Now I wanna see you WORK WORK WORK!!! Dag nabbit, you’re doing it wrong again. Get down and give me another 20! Alright, that’s it, I’m going fishing.

  • Made from 100% Open-Weave Straw

  • Soft elastic sweatband protects the hat from sweat and provides a snug fit for all-day sun wear

  • Iconic, outback, warm weather profile makes this the perfect year-round hat for all-day tailgates, river rides, beach days, and other weekend adventures.

  • Customized in Eugene, Oregon, USA!

  • OSFM - One Size Fits Most

What The Buck?

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