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The 90s Rage USA White Fannypack


There's nothing more American than always being prepared. This pack features plenty of room for matches, paracord and a flask (ie. everything you could ever need). Put the strap through your roll of duct tape and hit the beach like the boy scout you are!

  • Durable, ultra lightweight, nylon bag is built to last and perfect for all-day comfort

  • Functional hip pack design features red, white and blue USA colors and American flag design

  • High quality fanny pack strap and lock stays on tight and prevents slippage

  • Shout 4th of July with this patriotic fanny pack, perfect for BBQs, concerts and all day festivals

  • Large central stash pocket fits your phone, and is always large enough for your next beer

Patriotic USA fanny pack w/ bottle opener perfect for a July 4 BBQ, concert festival, or weekend by the lake. Red, white, & blue American flag inspired design.

What The Buck?

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